Infants and Toddlers

Our infant and toddler program nurtures each child’s sense of discovery, joy and wonder. Our curriculum is designed to foster each child’s individuality. We provide fun activities that will help them build upon their cognitive, emotional, motor and social skills.


2 Year Old Program

As children turn two they become more active, playful, and curious. Through hands on learning and play, our two year old program offers an engaging and safe environment. Hands on learning activities include allowing the children to be creative and playful as well as develop the abilities to draw, understand more vocabulary, and problem solve with their teachers. Our program begins to introduce the alphabet by focusing on letter recognition.


3 Year Old Program

The teachers in the three year old classroom have worked in daycare and preschool for over twenty years. Our curriculum has many units such as the ocean, animal habitats, seeds and planting, weather, etc. We work on the alphabet, shapes, and numeral recognition. The activities that are planned for the children help them develop listening skills, fine and gross motor skills, creativity, and imagination.

4 & 5 Year Old Program

Our four and five year old program is facilitated by two highly skilled and degreed teachers who have over 30 years of teaching experience. The teachers plan lessons that focus on school readiness, overall social awareness, and independent discovery. Our program is designed to meet the needs of the very young four year old pre-k student through an accredited kindergarten. Our reading curriculum focuses on letters and letter sounds and continues to the development of recognizing and using sight words. It is based on an Open Court program. We offer different units in math, science, social studies, music and art.